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Forum Rules
1. Bullying other Users
The Forum will not tolerate bullying in any way, bullying includes hurting someone's feelings with inappropriate language and/or insults, being intimidating to others and posting pictures without the users permission. Any users found in breach of this rule will be sanctioned appropriately.

2. Undermining Moderators
Users are expected to follow the forum rules, if you're seen breaking rules you could be sanctioned depending on the severity of the rule break, Moderators have the final say and undermining their final decision could result in further punishment, this includes removing edited messages from posts to remaking threads closed by them, of course there are times where you feel you might disagree with the actions taken so you can appeal the decision in the 'Warning & Infraction Issues' forum located at the bottom of the index page or contacting Ownership/Forum Management.

3. Discussing Punishments
Users are not permitted to discussing any punishments they may receive publicly on the forum boards, this can be anything from a verbal warning to being banned from the forum, this includes to users own punishments and punishments of other members, users in breach of this will be sanctioned appropriately.

4. Private and Personal Information
Here at The Forum, we strongly advise against the giving of private and personal information, this can include Skype names, email addresses and phone numbers, any users wishing to share information of this kind is doing so at their own risk; The Forum is not liable for anything negative that may happen after the sharing of your own information. However the sharing of information of other users publicly on the forum boards will not be tolerated and action will be taken appropriately after looking at the evidence in hand.

5. Inappropriate Content
Content posted on the forum boards that could be deemed inappropriate to the Administrators/Moderators will be removed without warning, the Administrator/Moderator dealing with the decision will then come to the decision what action will be taken, if any. This includes any illegal activity, pornography or images of self harm.

6. Pointless Posting
Pointlessly posting is posting in a thread that does not contribute to the topic of the thread starter, pointless posting will not be taken too seriously and in most situations will be given a verbal warning but excessive posting off topic will result in further sanctions e.g. warnings/infractions/thread bans.

7. Thread Bumping
We like to encourage fresh and new discussion at The Forum, therefore users are not permitted to posting in threads that are over a month old with the exception of stickied threads, if there is a topic you wish to revisit then please feel free to remake the thread, sanctions may be added to your account depending on the severity of your thread bumping (e.g. bumping many). All threads bumped after a month old will be closed by a moderator!

8. Misuse of Forum Tools
Misuse of the forum tools is not tolerated and action will be taken if anyone is seen doing so, tools that could be misused are staff messages being posted by users not eligible to do so, tagging several users over and over, reporting several posts on the reports system that do not need action taken or simply reporting the same person over and over and abuse of the likes system where a user asks you to like all their posts to simply boost their likes. Any user seen misusing the forum tools are guaranteed to gain sanctions, and carrying on after punishment will result in further sanctions.

Board FAQ
Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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